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7 Benefits of Natural Skincare on Sensitive Skin

Here at Apothecary & Me, we believe skincare doesn't have to be complicated. Therefore, we keep our ingredients simple, natural, and transparent. One reason being is to ensure that our skincare is gentle and effective enough for sensitive skin. Continue reading to learn the seven benefits of natural skincare for sensitive skin so you can understand for yourself all the reasons why you should consider switching to these types of products.

1) Non-allergenic.

One benefit of natural skincare for sensitive skin is that products are non-allergenic. For example, plant-based oils are less likely to cause a reaction and if reactions do occur they are usually caused by natural allergies such as nuts.

2) Made of natural ingredients.

Another benefit of natural skincare for sensitive skin is that these products are 100% natural using ingredients such as plant-based oils, essential oils combined, Himilayan salts and jojoba seeds. These ingredients nourish, heal, and smooth your skin as they are packed with natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

3) No harmful ingredients.

Pick up a non-organic skincare product bottle, and you'll likely read a long list of ingredients you may have never heard of. Using these repeatedly can cause skin irritations, hormone imbalance, and maybe even cancer. Using only natural ingredients means we don't have to add harsh chemicals or emulsifiers reducing reactions on sensitive skin.

Apothecary & me | Body pamper set
Apothecary & me | illuminate face oil

4) Natural fragrances that smell good!

You'll not only have a more beautiful and safe scent to enjoy when using natural skincare for sensitive skin, but you'll have less concern over side effects. We only use pure essential oils with remarkable skin saviour properties and mood enhancers. Water-based products use parabens as a preservative. Without adding water to our products, you get 100% of the natural goodness, and you won't need to worry about harming your body or face and will produce no to fewer side effects.

5) It's better for your skin.

Your skin will thank you by using natural skincare and being gentler on your skin. You will see the benefits of smoothening out wrinkles, diminishing blemishes and a natural glow over time using natural products with soft, noticeable results.

6) You get great results.

You're also likely to notice that organic skincare products for sensitive skin work better on your face and body. Plants grown organically are free from contamination and have a higher concentration of vital antioxidant vitamins. These products also have a higher percentage of active ingredients versus synthetic options.

7) Gently enhances your natural beauty.

Finally, natural ingredients are often gentler and will enhance your natural beauty. The ingredients will heal your skin internally and externally, increase collagen production, and improve oxygen and blood flow to the skin. All of this will mean fewer wrinkles, tighter skin, fewer imperfections and most importantly kind to sensitive skin.

Skincare created with sensitive skin in mind

Our Apothecary & me ranges are designed with sensitive skin in mind and great for everyone. Our illuminate face oil is the gentlest face oil that packs a hefty benefits punch! It can remove make-up, cleanse and moisturise. Unscented, it is ideal for sensitive skins for men & women.

A perfect accompaniment to illuminate face oil is the glow face scrub, made from jojoba seeds - one of the gentlest of natural exfoliants.

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