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A little bottle of magic

I’m aged 57 and have had eczema most of my life. My skin on face and eyes have been sensitive for years, and I have eczema on my eye lids. The Drs prescribed petroleum based products and hydrocortisone 1% for my eyes a couple of months ago after a particularly bad flare up and it just got worse. I saw an advert for the Illuminate face oil and the story of mother helping her daughter’s sensitive skin and related to it. I’ve been using it 3 wks now and it’s really helped calm my face and doesn’t sting my eyelids. I use it as a moisturiser. My eyelids are still a little flaky at times but are improving a lot. I strongly recommend this soothing oil. I’ve also bought the facial exfoliator and that seems lovely as well.

Love it!

Just ordered my second bottle, I have eczema with bad flare ups and this settles my skin and is so soothing. I love how it’s a few simple natural ingredients!

I love this oil, my face feels very nourished and comfortable. NO STINGING. Really great service, quick response to my question. Also bought a bath oil which is heavenly.


Im not usually one for reviews but this is magic! I have been using this as a face oil and eye make up remover for a year or so (it works on waterproof mascara). I recently ran out of cleanser and started using this instead - no more eczema flare ups and my skin looks so clear.

Thank you for your review - we think its magic too!! So glad to hear its keeping your eczema flare ups under control!

Beautiful 😍

I love it! I have eczema under my eyes and perioral dermatitis around my mouth and nose. I found my Clarins cleanser and toner, which I had used for years when my skin was much greasier, was now too harsh. I have started using the oil as a second cleanser (instead of a toner) and I then apply it as a moisturiser too. I’ve definitely noticed my skin doesn’t feel as dry or itchy and I would even go as far to say, it looks dewy again.

We are so happy to hear that your skin looks dewy again - hooray!!

Face oil

This product is amazing has helped my eczema and kept my face smooth and glowing x

We're thrilled to hear that Illuminate Face Oil has been a game-changer for you! Thank you for sharing your positive experience with us!

Illuminate Face Oil

The oil is perfect for cleansing and removing make up. I add a few drops to my skin directly after cleansing to moisturise. I have still had some dry areas of skin since using the oil and have not noticed a difference to the appearance of my skin.

Thank you for your feedback and we are pleased you love the multi-tasking ability of illuminate. We appreciate all your feedback and please do reach out to us - we are here to help you achieve your skincare goals!

My skin isn't itchy anymore!

I bathe every night because of back pain. Baths make a huge difference for me and my mobility. But the reality of taking a bath everyday is SUPER dry itchy skin. My wife got me some of this stuff and I thought it was gonna be just your average bath scent, but it made a HUGE difference in my skin. As a guy, it takes a lot for me to actually buy a product a 2nd time AND use my own money for it (wife's money is always easier to spend lol)...But this stuff is worth it. Such great skin (way more comfortable, don't have to pile on globs of lotion after a bath EVER again!) and it makes me smell great. I really suffered when I ran out so I bought TWO bottles this time!

Love it

My face loves it.

Thank you for the love! We're delighted to hear your positive feedback!

Beautiful product

I bought one for my daughter and myself and it's a lovely product

It's fantastic that you and your daughter are both fans of our Illuminate Face Oil. Here's to radiant skin days ahead!

Really impressed

Since becoming menopausal a couple of years ago I have been troubled with very dry patches on my face, bordering on eczema. No oils or creams would help and I would have to resort to tiny amounts of steroid cream. However, since using this oil the dry patches have gone away! I waited a couple of months before posting this review, just to be sure, and my skin is still clear and glowing.
I tried expensive facial oils for my dry patches but they didn’t help, so I don’t know what the magic ingredient is in this oil but it certainly works for me! Thanks 😊

So glad we can help Teri! Enjoy your glow x

I would stock pile this if I had the space. I have naturally oily skin so never would have chosen an oil based cleanser before, but this has worked miracles on my skin reducing blemishes, evening my skin tone and helping with hormonal acne when it rears it’s head once a month!

Like a spa in a scrub. Leaves my skin super soft whilst removing dead skin and smells divine.

I have been using Apothecary and me face oil for over a year now . It really is a no brainier , easy to use and feels so lovely on your skin . I recently contacted Anita because I have dropped 2 glass droppers recently and they have smashed on the floor . Anita sent me a plastic dropper ( I know some might say this is not ideal,) but with arthritic fingers ( years if floristry ) it solved a problem and I can carry on using my lovely face oil in safety . Now that’s what I call customer service .

Love love love this oil so much . So glad I found you at the Christmas Fair .

Thank you Wendy! I am so pleased the dropper has worked for you! We are so glad you found us too.

Amazing oil, I’ve purchased it a few times now, I suffer with very dry skin but this is so nice to use each morning and evening. It sinks in beautifully and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin which is a massive bonus, will definitely purchase it again 🥰

This is one of the nicest products I have ever used . My skin loves it and really looks good after using it

Thank you for your review, and hooray for your skin love of our glow face scrub!

This 3 in 1 face oil will quickly become your go-to product for removing make-up, cleansing and moisturising your skin.
Simplify your skincare routine and get beautiful, healthy skin.this is very hydrating and really amazing face oil which easily absorbs in a skin without greasiness and stickiness.it also got nice packaging

Love love love it. Havnt looked back for a year since using this.
I dont use any other product for cleaning or moisturisering.

Best face product i have any used

Thank you for your lovely review and wow Claire you definitely are glowing! So lovely to see our customers and how happy you are.

I love using the Glow facial scrub!!
My skin always feels so smooth but not dry like with other branded scrubs I’ve used in the past.
I love it - and my skin ‘glows’ after I’ve used it☺️

Thanks Claire for your lovely review. We love that 'glow' too!!

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Seonad L.

Love love love Illuminate 3-in-1 Oil! I've been using it for a few months and my skin feels so soft, clear and moisturised.

Thank you for your review and having our illuminate face oil as part of your regular skincare routine. x

Since discovering this wonderful illuminate face oil it has simplified my life. I use it to cleanse and moisturise and love using it, as does my daughter.

Thank you Jane! We love that our oils are used by Mothers and Daughters - we definitely fight over it in our household!

I use this product once or twice a week. I have lovely clear skin with a lovely glow. Feel very lucky to have found Apothecary and me. At 62 it’s the best my skin has looked since menopause…

Thank you Leslie and hooray to your best skin!!

I don’t use any other moisture now. This amazing product has cleared up redness and very dry skin. I am on my 3rd bottle.

Your skin is glowing and so are you! Thank you for your review.

This is my second purchase of the scrub. It smells so good and feels gentle yet cleansing.

Thank you for your review, it really does smell divine doesn't it!

great product - love that it is natural - no nasty chemicals.

Thank you for your review Becky!