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Apothecary & me

Bamboo Face Pads

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Revamp your skincare routine now! Pair our Bamboo Face Pads with the Illuminate Face Oil or Glow Face Scrub for an unbeatable, eco-conscious pampering experience.

These sustainable pads provide gentle exfoliation and cleansing, leaving your skin feeling revitalised. Upgrade to this eco-friendly option and witness the difference.  Don't miss out on this perfect skincare combo - your skin will thank you!

12 black bamboo pads in an organic cotton mesh bag.

Top Tips

Dampen your pads before adding your skincare products. This helps the product sit on the pad rather than be absorbed (makes your products last longer!).

Use both sides of the pads, and use a clean side for every new stage. This helps to reduce spreading bacteria and dirt around your face.

We use our mesh bag to hold our used pads until wash day - then they go into a zip wash bag and can put straight into the washing machine with your other wash. wash at 40 degrees max. Suitable for tumble drying too.


Bamboo pads: 80% bamboo 20% cotton

Mesh Bag: 100% organic cotton

Bamboo make-up pads - Apothecary & me
Gentle on Sensitive skin
Mutli-tasking Products

Three Steps to Healthy Skin...

  • Natural Ingredients

    The best of mother nature to soothe, heal and repair your skin.

  • Multi-tasking Products

    Reduce product overload on your skin and simplify your skincare routine

  • Moisturise

    Lock In moisture with our waterless skincare regime to maximise hydration.

Real Results

From My family to yours

Created to heal my daughters skin after topical steroid withdrawal, I searched for age old natural remedies to heal modern day skin dilemmas. With a household of girls, myself and two daughters we cover skin concerns from TSW, Acne and Ageing (gracefully I may add!). We are not just another skincare company - we a family who have put care and love into finding skincare solutions to achieve skin confidence my family now enjoys!

Anita Robinson

OUr story

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Liz C.

The packages arrived with the pads which are soft and once wet don’t loose fibres or dye. The bag they come in is great for travel and reusing

Thanks for reviewing our bamboo pads!

Glynis D.

Lovely and soft. Particularly like that they are black so no stains visible.

Charlotte K.

I wish I’d started using these so much earlier in life! Such an easy way to clean your face and love that they’re sustainable and easy to wash! Strongly recommend to anyone still using make up wipes to ditch them and use bamboo pads!

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