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Bath, Body & Face - A trio to welcome you into Autumn

Autumn has finally arrived bringing with it crisp fallen leaves, spiced coffee and pumpkin-inspired everything!

Here at Apothecare and me, we have created our very own autumn-inspired routine, including a trio of our top skin care picks; to help your skin stay replenished and glowing this Autumn! 

Picture this, it’s a chilly autumn evening and all you can think about is running a relaxing bath to indulge in before bed. Now with a few added drops of our woody relax bath oil - commend for the scent of the year - you can be sure to feel calm and at peace as soon as the scent of sandalwood and patchouli fills the air. 


Made from 100% natural plant-derived oils; our bath oils are jam-packed with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory essential oils to help replenish, repair and soothe skin. Our top tip for beginning your nighttime skincare routine should be to start with a calming bath or shower to help your mind and body feel calm, tranquil and at peace with one another. 




Once your mind and body feel relaxed now is the perfect time in your skincare routine to indulge yourself further with one of our invigorating body scrubs. Our top pick this autumn would be our citrus relax body scrub; to be applied just before getting out of the bath.  


Allow the unique blend of citrus and bergamot essential oils paired with lavender, mandarin and orange to help relax both your mind and body at the end of the day. Instantly you will notice any dry skin build-up be buffed away, leaving your skin irresistibly smooth to the touch as well as enhancing its natural glow. 

Now that you have bathed and buffed your body into ultimate relaxation, it’s time for the final step in your Apothecary & me Autumn routine; illuminating facial oil


For our final pick this autumn we have chosen our very popular, sensitive skin-friendly, illuminating facial oil: to help heal, protect and nourish your skin. It also boasts the ultimate 3-in-1 abilities to be used as a makeup remover, cleanser and moisturise the skin. 


Rich in super-oils that feed your skin with powerful antioxidants this facial oil will also leave your skin with a natural glow.

All of the products found in our entire Apothecary & me range are made from organic, natural and simple ingredients that we are very proud to showcase. Our transparency can ensure that you know exactly what ingredients you are putting onto your skin and the reasons why we have created our products with those unique ingredient blends. 


Not only do we pride ourselves on our transparency with our formulations and ingredients; we are also very conscious about limiting unnecessary wastage by creating more suitable solutions to our product packaging and shipping. 


This is why you will be able to find all of our bath oils, body scrubs and facial oils packed in reusable amber-glass bottles and aluminium tins as opposed to plastic packaging. We also use minimal packing materials and we also plant a tree for every order placed in an effort to always give back! 


With Apothecary & me, you can feel assured that all the products in our range can be enjoyed without the worry of harmful ingredients or unnecessary waste affecting your experience. We pride ourselves on our full transparency, leaving nothing important left unsaid or forgotten. 


You know exactly what you can expect from our products if you shop with Apothecary & me.



Anita Robinson - Founder


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