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How to be more Roman - Bring back the bath

The Romans turned it into an excursion, Cleopatra famously enjoyed one daily, Vivian enjoyed one in ‘Pretty Woman’ and Monica introduced Chandler to them in ‘Friends’ but these days, it seems that baths are a luxury.   Showers have, sadly, become the norm: we’re in such a rush that only a high-speed power wash will do.  But please, we implore you, leave power washing for the patio and treat yourself with a little more respect.  As we launch our new bath oil range.. 


"Bring back the bath!!" we say

Why baths are good for you

A soak in the bath can help in a multitude of ways.  It’s great for those who struggle with slumber – a good night’s sleep requires a cooler body temperature.  A warm bath raises your body temperature and helps you to cool quickly when you step out.  


Aside from sleep, baths can help to lower your blood pressure.  The calm feeling that washes over you in the tub eases stresses and strains; the warmth of the water improves blood flow and circulation which helps the heart as well as alleviating muscle pain.  The steam can help to relieve a stuffy nose if you have a cold.  


But the reason that we love baths is the fact that they require some time out.  A daily bath to wash is excellent, of course, but the very best baths are not hasty and rushed; they’re indulgent and relaxing.  They’re not taken whilst your partner’s still brushing their teeth but in solitude, in quiet and with the bathroom door firmly closed.  

The Romans - they knew how to have a bath!

The Romans really knew what they were doing with bath time: bathing was a multi-layered experience that went on for several hours.  There were very hot baths, a bit like a modern-day sauna, tepid baths and ice-cold plunge pools.  Along the way were masseurs on hand to pamper the bathers with scented olive oils, massaging their aches and pains.  We can't offer you a bath side masseur, but our scented oils will certainly make you feel suitably pampered. 

Ten Glorious steps to blissful bathing!



Apothecary & me bath
  1. Choose the time for your bath and stick to it.  Make sure you’re not going to be disturbed and close the door, gently.  Now is not the time for hasty decisions or hurried actions. 
  2. Run some deliciously warm water – not too hot that it’ll scald.  The temptation is to run very hot water so that it will retain its warmth but remember, you could just top it up with warm water whilst you bathe.  
  3. Choose your combination of scent and mood from the Apothecary & me range.  Become the apothecarist, mixing and matching each bath time.  How do you feel now?  How do you want to feel?  What ambience do you want to create? 
  4. Add a pipette full or two of your chosen Apothecary & me bath oils under running water into your bath.  To take your bath to the next level, massage a few drops onto your palms and gently inhale.    
  5. Light some delicately fragranced candles and place them around the bath.  
  6. Dim the lights or turn them off if it’s safe to do so.
  7. Make sure warm, comforting, fluffy towels are to hand to envelop you as you step out. 
  8. Check the door is closed, and then dip your toe.  
  9. Lie back, breathing smoothly and rhythmically to transcend the day.  This is the perfect opportunity for some mindful breathwork. 
  10. Top up with warm water as desired. 

We feel relaxed just writing that … just imagine how that bathing experience would actually feel.

Benefits of Apothecary & me bath oils

Move over Cadbury’s Flake, all you need to accompany you in the bath is the Apothecary & me range of bath oils.  Our bath oils contain the super-oils jojoba and safflower that are literally a treat for the skin – they cleanse, they heal, they reveal your glow and they’re great for your hair too.

The bath oils come in three scents floral, woody and citrus and have been crafted to evoke three moods – energising, relaxing and balancing.  What we love (and are rather proud of) is that we let you assume the role of apothecarist – citrus has been long associated with energy but if you love that scent family and would like to smell it whatever your mood, now you can!  Or, if you want to be energised but are not a fan of citrus, you can choose to use woody or floral scents.  Choose your mood, choose your scent for the moment that you have created for yourself.  And the beauty of them is that next time, you can select a different combination of ingredients, if you so wish, for your bath.  


We wholeheartedly advocate a bath for any time of the day.  An indulgent bath is best at night to help you unwind and relax ready for bed, so next time you’re considering how best to slow down after a busy day, be more Roman.  Turn a bath time into an experience; turn a quick wash into a luxurious bathe with water that caresses and nourishes thanks to our oils.  


Anita Robinson


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