We Three Kings; the power of natural ingredients.

We Three Kings; the power of natural ingredients.

Christmas is fast approaching; the time for gifts and holiday cheer is here.

Now, if you love nothing more than to treat your loved ones with the best apothecary-infused gifts, let us help inspire your shopping list this Christmas; by providing you with all the necessities for the skincare lovers, you would like to treat this Christmas.


Nothing makes a gift feel more personable than it gifted with purpose and love!

Apothecary-inspired beauty and wellness products are among the most popular gifting items over the Christmas period. The combination of aromatherapy and skincare carefully infused together make for incredibly luxurious gifts suitable for all.


Whilst the products themselves are important, it's what's in them, and the benefits they can offer are what makes them go beyond being just another 'usual gift'.

The Three kings most certainly knew teh benefits of their gifts!

During the festive period, we are reminded of the story of baby Jesus and how we continue to celebrate his birth every Christmas, but how does this relate to today's blog?

We all know too well that the three Kings came with Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh gifts, but why were they so important? The three kings presented these original gifts on the first Christmas day because they were considered the best in natural remedies for their natural healing properties.

Gold has always been the easiest to understand as a precious gift choice. However, these days, gold has found its way into some skincare to help reduce inflammation and redness and support collagen production. Although, over 2000 years ago, the complex infusion of gold in skincare was not the primary purpose of this gift.

 What about Myrrh and Frankincense? Have you always wondered why they were so precious? Myrrh, a gum-resin extracted from Commiphora trees, has been used frequently in ancient Chinese remedies due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Myrrh also has excellent post-birth healing properties, which would have been essential for Mary's recovery.

 One of our favourites, Frankincense, has excellent skin-boosting benefits from treating acne, eczema, age spots, skin generation, and reducing wrinkles. However, its presence in the precious gifts line-up would have more than likely been attributed to its mood-enhancing properties as an anti-depressant, calming nerves and relaxation. Prepared from hardened gum resins obtained from tapping Boswellia trees, its medicinal benefits in post-birth healing from nursing to infection-fighting would have also increased its value as a birthing gift.

Making this collection of precious gifts beneficial to both mother and baby.

Here at Apothecary & me, we have our own range of exceptional quality products rich in organic, natural oils that can benefit the skin and offer mindfulness support. Our Christmas favourites include Frankincense essential oils.

 Read more about how it enhances each of our products.

The products we think you'll love to gift and receive this Christmas

If your skin is feeling the adverse effects of the harsh weather and dry air from the central heating, or maybe you know a loved one that would love to buff all the impurities away, then our glow face scrub may be an essential Christmas purchase this year!

The glow face scrub is full of super-oils that can help to transform the skin from dry to glowing. Its unique blend of multiple seed, fruit and nut oils makes for an excellent natural exfoliant.

Our glow facial scrub offers anti-ageing and collagen-boosting benefits, as well as being able to nourish, exfoliate and tone skin to keep it supple and glowing. Jam-packed with our beloved frankincense oil, it is also suitable for all skin types and concerns, even for those looking to help calm acne breakouts and scarring. The benefits of frankincense oil are endless, and that's why you can find it in so many of our products!

You can even find it in our woody balance bath and body oil for the calming and replenishing properties it offers the skin.

Again, rich with only the best in Earthy oils that closely resemble the calming scent of nature that will stimulate cell repair for your skin and calm your senses. Silky soft skin and grounding benefits to help your skin and mind through the winter months. The perfect Christmas gift for a busy worker who needs an internal pause.

Woody Balance Bath O​​il

One of the main ingredients in our woody-balance oil that helps support skin regeneration and calm the nerves is, of course, Frankincense. Known for its diverse benefits at repairing the skin and balancing the mind, it is a powerhouse ingredient waiting to be added to your nighttime relaxation routine.

Another one of our popular Earthly and Frankincense inspired body products is our woody relax body scrub!

If you need a gentle yet restorative salt scrub that can not just leave the skin smooth & glowing but also help relax your mind, then look no further. Our woody-relax body scrub is perfect for anybody looking for a spa-like treat to indulge in from the comfort of your own home.

There will be less tension in the body and less chaos in the mind once both feel at peace; Frankincense is popular in meditation to help achieve that vital balance. Our woody-inspired bath and body range offers all the essential aromatherapy benefits to the mind and body largely due to the endless mood and skincare benefits that natural Frankincense can offer.

Here at Apothecary & me all of our products are perfect for treating either yourself or to give as meaningful gifts to your loved ones this Christmas; we hope we inspired your shopping list this Christmas and maybe even your wishlist!

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