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How to break bad habits

If resolutions are good for us, why is it so hard to break bad habits?

10th Jan, 2023

by Anita Robinson


January is the month of resolutions and new beginnings, but why is it so hard for us to keep up with breaking bad habits and forming new ones? I was of the mindset that it was because it was January, post-party season, dark and grey, which made keeping up resolutions much harder. Once we failed or fell off the wagon, we presumed that the new habit was simply too hard and quickly fell back into our easy comfortable bad habits!

So how can we break bad habits, reinforce good ones, and make it into February & beyond feeling successful? 

Most of our new habit desires are associated with healthy lifestyles; less alcohol, more exercise, better diet, weight loss, meditation, being more relaxed…the list goes on. And interesting all of these habits have an impact on our skin! So win, win! But how can we make it stick and succeed?

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"I have recently discovered American author James Clear, writer of Atomic Habits. "

Here are James top 4 ways to break a bad habit

1. Make Habits obvious: make easy queues for those habits. For example, if you want to use your phone less, move time-heavy apps such as WhatsApp or other social media to your second page and remove notifications! 

2.Make Habits attractive: new habits always seem complicated because we are moving out of our comfort zone, so make the environment where you make the new habit pleasurable.

3. Make it easy: start with a 2 min rule. Sometimes the habits we want to start take up too much time, and after a short time, we can’t fit them into our busy schedule. So if you fancy taking up meditation, start with a 2 min mediate rather than trying to do 20 minutes a day!

4.Make it satisfying & enjoyable: give yourself rewards but make sure they are linked to your new habit! So if you have made it to a weight goal, reward yourself with a new item of clothing or a new hairstyle!

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What new habits can help improve our skin?

Balanced diet

Our skin is the largest detoxing organ, so keeping our gut health in shape is a game changer, especially for sensitive or problematic skin types, such as eczema and Acne. Try increasing the number of healthy greens and try to reduce sugar and alcohol in your diet.

Healthy sleep cycles

During sleep, our body repairs and restores. Lack of sleep can increase the stress hormone cortisol and triggers inflammation, which can result in skin damage, so make sure you keep to a regular sleep cycle and have an excellent pre-sleep routine in place.  

Regular exercise

Regular exercise can reduce inflammation by promoting circulation and keeping your body more youthful at the cellular level. Start off gently - even a brisk walk in the fresh air will help your body stay active.

Stress management

Trying to reduce stress will positively impact your skin. Stress hormone cortisol will increase inflammation in the body, and that can contribute not only to skin damage but ageing!

Vitamins for your skin

Most multivitamins will help boost skin health, especially Vitamin C. For more complex supplements that help boost skin health Collagen and Hyaluronic acid supplements also help skin health. Remember to consult a doctor when starting a course of supplements, especially if you are pregnant.


Increasing your water intake will help to deliver water to the cells in your skin, leaving them plumping and healthier and helping to flush out any toxins. Carrying a litre bottle of water with you helps remind you to keep up with those fluids.

Easy skincare routine

 Skincare routines don’t need to be complicated or take away vital time from your other good habits. Try our multi-tasking products to reduce time & the effects of product overload on our skins. Our illuminate face oil is a true 3-in-1. Removing makeup, deeply cleansing and moisturising all in one bottle! 

Start your year with success!

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