maskne - the new skincare dilemma - Apothecary & me
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maskne - the new skincare dilemma

By Anita Robinson

Masks used to be fun, didn’t they?  Masquerade ball anyone?  Maybe not anymore.  2020 saw our lives dramatically changed, a year on and one of the...

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How to be more Roman - Bring back the bath - Apothecary & me
bath oil

How to be more Roman - Bring back the bath

By Anita Robinson

The Romans turned it into an excursion, Cleopatra famously enjoyed one daily, Vivian enjoyed one in ‘Pretty Woman’ and Monica introduced Chandler to them in...

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International Women's Day - Apothecary & me
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International Women's Day

By Anita Robinson

From one apothecary to another.  It’s International Women’s Day and this year’s slogan is ‘Choose to challenge’, very apt for an apothecary, a trade that’s...

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Its cold outside! - Apothecary & me
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Its cold outside!

By Anita Robinson

The weather is turning colder and we have all turned the heating up to stay nice and cosy. The combination of the dry indoor heat

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